27 - 29 November, 2018 | TBD
Speaker Information:

Bharat Thakrar

Head of Business And Cyber Resilience
BT Global Services


This workshop is designed to immerse participants in a cyber incident as it takes place within a large commercial enterprise. Participants will be presented with a cyber incident and then be given control of the response - the choices they make at key junctures will dictate the state
of the enterprise at the end of the day. This exercise will educate attendees in the difficulties of constructing an effective response to cyber attacks on a commercial enterprise. 

Key sections include: Instilling an awareness of the situation as it unfolds - recognising the key signals of a successful cyber penetration and beginning the initial response; the key principles of managing the post-incident situation and returning the business to full function.

•Incident handling – what to do while the attack is taking place 
•Identify, Isolate, Investigate, Implement, Inform
•Report back your decisions as you watch the attack unfold – revise them based on their success

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