How well do you understand the motives and techniques of those looking to attack your networks?

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response is the premier forum for security professionals to address how a greater understanding of the cyber threat landscape can lead to exponential improvements in strategic planning and tactical decision making during cyber incidents.

The challenges of the defender continue to grow as today's adversaries are able to achieve their aims using increasingly advanced tools and techniques designed to circumvent most conventional computer network defense mechanisms, go undetected during the intrusion, and then remain hidden on networks over long periods of time. As such, it is essential for organisations to create effective threat intelligence and incident response strategies.

Cyber threat intelligence provides network defenders an advantage, using information superiority to prepare and respond, reducing adversarial success rates. Consequently, intelligence feeds provide a vitally important method for organizations to update their response and detection programs, whilst simultaneously creating tailor made strategies for incident management to limit damage, increase the confidence of external stakeholders, and reduce recovery time and costs.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response is the only conference in Europe that brings together cyber security stake holders and solutions providers from across the industry to gather and discuss the strategic considerations of their information security policy. This event provides an un-missable opportunity to discuss the threats of today and the issues of tomorrow with the most like-minded audience available.

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Why should you attend Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response?

  •  Understand the need for enhanced threat detection and prioritised incident investigation
  •  Learn how to keep ahead of the attackers by leveraging threat intelligence
  •  Assess how to enable an intelligence-led approach to your cyber security operations Solution Providers
  •  Meet and network with enterprise information security decision makers from across industry
  •  Keep your brand front of mind when these decision makers are shortlisting providers
  •  Maximise your sales time by accessing a high number of information security professionals in one place

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